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Steve Uzzell: photographer, speaker, author

Photographer, speaker, author Steve Uzzell

Steve Uzzell photographed by Susan Lambert

Having started in the photography business almost 50 years ago as the assistant to the editor of National Geographic magazine and a member of their photographic staff, Steve Uzzell has continued his love of making images for national and international clients, and has garnered worldwide recognition and won numerous accolades, including ten prestigious Communication Arts awards.

As an inspirational speaker, his travels are also global — in the past 25 years he has given the presentation that became his book Open Roads Open Minds – An Exploration of Creative Problem Solving to over 500 organizations in all 50 United States, as well as three Canadian provinces and five other countries, including India and China, to a combined audience of more than 600,000 people.

Contact Steve: info@steveuzzell.com or 703.508.2233

DAM Useful Publishing

DAM Useful Publishing is an independent publishing company that produces and distributes photo management and workflow guides. Steve Uzzell’s Open Roads Open Minds is the first in a new series of artist monographs by a curated selection of leading international photographers. Based in Maryland, USA, DAM Useful Publishing was founded by digital asset management expert Peter Krogh, whose own books are offered in a range of formats, including multimedia ebook, so as to provide clear and comprehensive tools to photographers. The DAM Book is widely regarded in the industry as THE indispensable guide to digital asset management.

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Contact DAM Useful: contact@peterkrogh.com


Moonshine Media

Moonshine Media
moon only consults on the production of media, from conceptualization to publication — from training and mentoring of writers and photographers, to origination of words and images, commissioning of service providers to delivery of the finished product. Dominique le Roux, who leads this small co-operative of editors, designers and media producers, is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and is now based in SE Asia.

From a wooden cabin on the banks of the Mekong River, she edited, designed and managed the print and ebook production of Steve’s book Open Roads Open Minds.

Contact Moonshine Media: info@moonshinemedia.co.za

Susan Lambert Photography

Photographer Susan Lambert

Susan Lambert, Steve’s partner, is herself a talented photographer and speaker.

Healing Images

Healing Images

Healing Images is a collaboration of 25 photographers who donate their images for hospitals and medical facilities. Arguably this is Dewitt Jones’ best idea, and Steve and Susan are honored to be charter members.